New updates on google cloud security learnings Q4 2020

New updates on google cloud security learnings Q4 2020

2020 has carried with it some enormous advancements in the territory of cloud security. As cloud arrangements and advances have become a considerably more focal aspect of associations’ security program, we trust you’ll go along with us for the most recent portion of our Google Cloud Security Talks, a live online function on November eighteenth, where we’ll assist you with exploring the most recent intuition in cloud security.

We’ll share master experiences into our security biological system and spread the accompanying themes

*Sunil Potti and Rob Sadowski will open the computerized function with our most recent Google Cloud security declarations.

*This will be trailed by a board conversation with Dave Hannigan and Jeanette Manfra from Google Cloud’s Office of the CISO on how cloud movement is a one of a kind occasion to destroy the inheritance security obligation of the previous twenty years.

*Kelly Walther and Karthik Lakshminarayan will discuss the new Google Workspace and how it can empower clients to get to information securely and safely while protecting individual trust and security.

*We will introduce our vision of organization security in the cloud with Shailesh Shukla and Peter Blum, where we’ll discuss the ongoing advancements that are making network security in the cloud incredible yet imperceptible, shielding foundation and clients from digital assaults.

*Sam Lugani and Ibrahim Damlaj will do a more profound plunge on Confidential Computing, and all the more explicitly Confidential GKE Nodes and how they can add another layer of insurance for containerized outstanding burdens.

*You will likewise figure out how Security Command Center can assist you with recognizing misconfigurations in your virtual machines, holders, organization, stockpiling, and character and access the executive’s approaches to weaknesses in your web applications, with Kathryn Shih and Timothy Peacock.

*Anton Chuvakin and Seth Vargo will discuss the contrasts between key administration and mystery the executives to assist you with picking the best security controls for your utilization cases.

*Finally, we will have the Google Cloud Security Showcase, a unique section where we’ll zero in on a couple of security issues and show how we’ve as of late helped clients fathom them utilizing the devices and items that Google Cloud gives.