How To Take Screenshots On Chrome OS / Chromebook

Unlike Windows computers, Chromebooks do not have a dedicated writing screen button. However, the process of taking screenshots is sophisticated and simple. In Chrome OS, you have the option to select a portion of the screen capture screen. Chrome OS automatically saves the screenshot as a png image file. Here’s how to take and find screenshots on Chrome OS.

Take a screenshot of the current page

If you press the Control and Window Switcher Key together you can get a screenshot of the entire screen. The key of the window button is the one with the three boxes above the number 6 key. For OS keyboard without Chrome, press Control with the F5 key.

Screenshot of entire page: Ctrl +

For non-Chrome OS keyboards: Ctrl + F5

Take a screenshot of the selected area

If you want to take a screenshot of only one area on the screen, press CTRL + SHIFT + Window Switcher Key. The cursor becomes a crosshair pointer. You can select a rectangular area on the screen by clicking and dragging the cursor on the area you want a screenshot of. Once you have selected the area, release the mouse or trackpad. That’s all. Your screenshot is taken.

Screenshot of selected area: Ctrl + Shift +

then click, drag and drop PRO TIP: If the problem is with your computer or laptop, try using the Reimage Plus software that can scan the repository and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases where the problem occurred due to system corruption. You can download Reimage Plus by clicking here For non-Chrome OS keyboards: Ctrl + Shift + F5, then click, drag and drop

Find your screenshot

The screenshot is automatically saved as a png image file in your local download folder. The date and time of the screenshot is reflected in the name of the .png file.

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