How To Set Up And Use Multi-Touch Gestures On The Chromebook Touchpad

Chromebooks have a reputation for quality touch screens. Google ensures that each Chromebook has enough touchpad because Chrome OS is heavily loaded with touchpad functionality. Let’s take a look at the things you can do with your Chromebook touchpad.

Set your touchpad

Chrome OS allows you to customize your touchpad based on your needs. Follow these basic steps to set up your touchpad according to your needs on Chrome OS: –

On the right side of the shelf at the bottom is an option menu where you can access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options, among other things. Click Settings in the options menu.

In Settings, scroll down to Device.

Here is a list of features that you can customize for your convenience.

Touchpad Speed

Does it feel that the pointer is moving too fast or is too sensitive to your touch? You can change the pointer speed. Under Device, you can adjust the slider in Touchpad Speed ​​to increase or decrease the pointer speed.

Tap Click

Chrome OS allows you to enable or disable the feature that records clicks by simply pressing the touchpad. You can enable / disable this based on your convenience by clicking Touchpad Settings under Device.

Scrolling options

All Chromebook touch screens support two-finger scrolling. Traditional scrolling means you can swipe up on the touchpad to scroll up one page and swipe down to scroll down. Australian Scrolling is exactly the opposite. You can choose between the two by going to Settings> Device> Touchpad Settings as shown below.

Touchpad gestures for Chrome OS

Chrome OS supports a variety of touch screen features. When you grab these gestures, work begins to seem much faster. From changing tabs to creating new ones, Chrome OS is equipped with some of the most convenient gesture features. Here are all the things you can do with the Chromebook touchpad: –


To roll vertically on one side, swipe up or down on the touchpad with two fingers. To scroll horizontally, swipe left or right in the same way.

Open in new tab

To open a link in a new tab, all you have to do is by clicking on the link by pressing the touchpad with three fingers.

Switch between tabs

This is by far the most unique and comfortable gesture of Chrome OS. To change tabs inside Chrome, swipe left or right on the touchpad with three fingers. Changing tabs will not be easier than this.

Go back or forward in Chrome

You can go back to the previous page or forward to the next page in a tab by simply pulling left or right on the touchpad with two fingers.

See all open windows

You can see all open windows on the same screen by using the Window Window button (on top of the key 6) on the keyboard or by pulling down on the touchpad with three fingers. Chrome OS displays live preview of each window in this mode, which can be of great help even. To get back to a window, either click on a single window or swipe up on the touchpad with three fingers.

These are all things you can do with your Chromebook touchpad. It takes time to get used to the gestures, but when you get used to it becomes impossible to live without them.

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