How To Fix Unfortunately, Contacts has ended the error

Unfortunately, the contact has stopped, the error comes up. Most of these issues come from the cache that Google stores in local storage to speed up the process of reloading Google servers and reduce the load, or when a second app / settings become incompatible. This particular issue is specific to Google+.

Errors are usually populated when the servers and device are out of sync. An example would be if something has been updated on the server and the phone is still looking in its local memory (cache).

Steps to fix unfortunately, contacts has stopped

1. Go to Settings on your Android device.

2. Select Apps and then ALL (by swiping to the right)

3. Find Google + and open it.

4. Tap or click Uninstall Updates, and then click Disable.

Restart your phone and the contacts should now work.

One of the above methods should fix this for you. If none of them work, then a factory reset is required. Make sure you back up your data by syncing with Google.

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