How To Find A Lost Android Phone

If the tracking feature is available for a smartphone, it must be activated. Android, has this feature and therefore it works, says the standard and the Google search enabled. This option is available under Ortungsdienst. So much so that this feature is activated, you can follow your Android device over your Google Account or over the Device Manager app.

How To Find A Lost Android Phone

Follow these steps to find your Android device on your desktop: Visit Report in your Google Account They get a description, because your device is there

You can also lock and erase your phone, or dial Ring, which triggers an alarm on your device at full volume for 5 minutes

To do this on a device other than your desktop, load Android Device Manager on the device you want to use to find your lost phone and log in using your Google Account.

Hopefully, this will not only help you prevent the loss of your Android and all your data on your device forever, but also to track down your lost or stolen phone.

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