How To Fix Element Not Found Error On Windows 10

Some users have reported the Explorer.exe element not found when trying to open Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Store apps. The problem usually occurs after the user upgraded from an older Windows version to Windows 10.

If you are currently struggling with this problem, we have been able to identify any potential corrections that have allowed users in a similar situation to solve the problem. Please follow each method in order and skip any potential correction that is not applicable to your situation. Let’s start.

Method 1: Uninstall Lenovo’s OneKey Theater

Most users who encounter the problem are on Lenovo desktop or laptop computers. If you are in the same situation, the problem is probably caused by a built-in One-Key Theater Lenovo feature.

Note This method applies only if you encounter the problem on the Lenovo hardware. If you have another PC / portable manufacturer, you cannot follow the steps described below.

OneKey Theater is a tool that the OneKey watches should be pressed on and adjusts the display and sound settings to presets. As it turns out, the software conflicts with a Windows component because one of its processes listens to the keystroke.

If you have it on your system, you can easily uninstall OneKey Theater software. To do this, open a queue window (Windows key + R), type appwiz.cpl and press Enter. Once you have accessed the Programs and Features screen, right-click the OneKey Theater and select Uninstall.

If this has not solved your problem or if it is not applicable, go down to the method below.

Method 2: Restart the File Explorer service through the Task Manager

Another popular fix that has made it possible for users to fix the Explorer.exe element not found error is to restart the File Explorer service in the Task Manager. To make the whole process clearer, here’s a guide through the whole thing:

  1. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt+ Del) and open the Processes tab. Then right-click Windows Explorer and click End Task

Windows enters a kind of black screen for a few seconds. Don't freak when this is completely normal.

2. Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) again and go to File> Run New Task. In the Create New Task window, type cmd (without quotes) and select the box next to Create this task with administrative permissions.

3. In the new repeated command prompt window, type explorer and press Enter.

4. In a few seconds, you should see the taskbar reappear. At this point, try to open the Edge or Store application that triggered the Explorer.exe element that was not found.

If the problem is not yet resolved, go down to the last method.

Method 3: Uninstall the latest Windows updates

Some users who managed the Explorer.exe element did not find errors managed to solve the problem by uninstalling the latest Windows updates. As it turned out, the problem solved for some users indefinitely (even after WU automatically applied the updates automatically.

Here’s a quick guide to uninstalling the latest Windows updates:

1. Press Windows Key + R to open a Run command. Type appwiz.cpl and press Enter to open Applications and Features.

2.Then click View Installed Updates> Latest Updates. Then uninstall each new update systematically. Don’t worry about leaving your system vulnerable because the WU (Windows Update) component will automatically apply them again.

3. Restart the system and see if the Explorer.exe element not found error has been resolved. If you are prompted to install pending Windows updates, you accept them all.

If you are still struggling with the same problem, proceed to the last method.

Method 4: Perform a Windows recovery

If all of the above methods have failed, this is your last resort. Some users have only been able to solve the problem after performing a Windows restore. Unlike installing your operating system, it does not require you to install the installation media. Even more, you will be able to keep your personal files such as pictures, video clips and multiple user settings. If you decide to go through it, see our Windows recovery article (restore Windows 10).

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