Google persistent disk

Google Persistent Disk is a strong and superior square stockpiling for Google Cloud Platform.

Google Persistent Disk gives SSD and HDD stockpiling which can be appended to cases running in either Compute Engine or Google Kubernetes Engine. Capacity volumes can be straightforwardly resized, immediately upheld up, and offer the capacity to help concurrent perusers.

Google Persistent Disk offers Industry-leading price and performance

Google Persistent Disk offers industry-driving value execution for both HDD and SSD to fulfill your needs whether you’re upgrading for dormancy delicate outstanding tasks at hand or high throughput remaining burdens.

HDD offers minimal effort stockpiling with an emphasis on reasonableness for enormous gadgets for which mass throughput is of essential significance.

SSD offers reliably elite for both irregular access remaining tasks at hand and mass throughput. The two sorts can be up to 64 TB in size.

Google Persistent Disk offers Share data easily

Google Persistent Disk offers one of a kind multi-peruser capacity. With multi-peruser mounting, numerous virtual machines can peruse information from a solitary Persistent Disk and sharing substance is a no brainer. Appending a plate to increasingly virtual machines doesn’t influence total execution or cost; each machine gets a portion of the per-circle execution limit.

Google Persistent Disk offers Better snapshot performance

For most extreme adaptability and negligible exertion, depictions are geo-duplicated and accessible for reestablishing in all districts as a matter of course. Depictions of a square gadget can happen in minutes as opposed to hours.

Google Persistent Disk offers Scale without interruption

You never again need to stress over underestimating your square gadgets. Steady Disk gives you boundless adaptability by permitting you to resize your stockpiling while it’s being used by at least one virtual machine with no personal time.

Google Persistent Disk offers Automatic encryption

Google Persistent Disk are naturally encoded to secure your information. You can supply your key, or we will naturally produce one for you.

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