PlayStation 5 | Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Future of PlayStation 5(PS5)

I don’t know about you but I adore the lead up to a new console generation what does that sexy new tech do when will it release what will it look like and my personal favorite what color will it be hello and welcome to

over the past few months Sony has begun to outline their intentions for the PlayStation 5 which by the way hasn’t actually been confirmed as the PlayStation 5 yet but come on it has to be right anyway let’s break down what we know about the PS 5 his 15 things officially confirmed for the PlayStation 5 let’s start with reassurances:

ps4 gamers Sony’s ps4 love is staying during a Sony investors meeting earlier this year the support for ps4 was outlined stating they do not expect a quick migration from ps4 moving to the new PS5 tech from my own dealings with PS plusI know that there remains a massive ps3 install base who will likely pick up a cheaper ps4 when the PS 5 arrives so don’t feel rushed to get this new tech if you want specifics looks to be the time sony expects the PS 5 to outshine the ps4 not in terms of sales but in terms of the amount of people who own a PS 5 being high enough to begin to shift focus completely but to be clear the ps4 going nowhere in fact that leads to my next point backwards compatibility and cross generation gaming.

Quick history lesson if I may the original ps2 had backwards compatibility with the ps1 but it was touch-and-go which games would actually work on it this feature was eventually taken out of future PS twos the feature returned in the og ps3 but once again taken out after launch and then the ps4 rolled out which didn’t have backwards compatibility at all this is likely dueto the ps3 architecture being so incredibly difficult to work with it could also be due to manufacturing costs or it could be due to Sony using Nintendo’s business model to force consumers to buy old games multiple times whatever the reason Microsoft made sure the Xbox one could play all 360 games which became pivotal in the console war so now on PS 5.

Sony have confirmed our ps4 games will be play able on the PS 5 there’s a patent in place if you want to see it for yourself it basically tricks the PS 5 in to thinking it’s a ps4 and the game runs perfectly if you’re grabbing up station 5 but don’t have enough room to keep your old ps4 be comfortable in the thought that all your games are playable in the next generation and yes that includes downloadable games and DLCs oh and if you’re wondering the ps4 and PS 5will have cross save on all games another thing which I’m personally unbelievably happy about is that physical disks are confirmed this isn’t a big deal to many people but I prefer to physically own my games.

what about you depending on your location or budget etc you may not have a stable internet connection to rely on to download games and in some countries downloading is bloody expensive – and fundamentally this ensures that the second-hand market survives into the next generation it’s ok if you’re not interested in that but there are so many people who need to sell games to play games and that infrastructure is important I recently picked up spider-man digitally and now I want to lend it to my brother but I can’t it may be a small thing but it does impact how we play games okay so we’ve sorted out the legacy aspect now let’s look into the future.

let’s start with the biggest technological advances in the current generation rate racing this may seem like a buzzword for the future of gaming and you’re right it is but it’s also going to be something to be expected in all games in future years but what the heck is it surprisingly it’s it’s pretty simple the industry is attempting to move away from saying the character artist manually inputting values in areas of light and dark something as simple as walking under a dark bridge or tunnel would have required additional information to know how to act when the daylight isn’t present this is known as computer approximation and could leave to issues like black problems blurred edge sartifacting that kind of thing but now this is the future just like in the real world when light hits an object it reflects or refracts the light this is what makes the real world look real you’ve already seen this hundred of times mainly in high budget Hollywood films like the Marvel movies now the costs are reducing video games will prosper from this technology it will take time to be perfected and optimized but without a doubt, this is the next generation calling card ray tracing let’s talk about additional Bauer on the next step forward in home console gaming.

the PS 5, in particular, will be the use of an SSD a solid-state drive instantly this will improve load times and depending on how it’s implemented this will make the console quieter the ps4 pro is like a jet engine sometime so yeah quieter machine will be damn handy but the main point is load times did you see the leaked footage from the investor call using Marvel’s spider-man the next generation we call the PS 5took on the ps4 Pro and loaded the scene in 0.8 three seconds less than a second whereas the current most powerful PlayStation on the market the ps4 pro took 8.1-second show on average of the PS 5 is said to be19 times faster than a ps4 all thanks to that solid-state flash memory another way to look at this is through gta5 the game takes forever to load up doesn’t it just takes forever imagine that 19 times faster this is a big deal here’s some things to consider

now in 2019 SSDs are still a pricey bit of kit that will fall in price before the PS 5releases but there are two ways this tech can impact the next generation either the cost of the console will be higher and we’ll get to that soon or Sony will sell hardware at a loss that may sound like poor management but this is, in fact, the norm in tech companies getting the hardware into your home is the real battle because selling software is what they want to do so expect both sony and Microsoft to sell at a loss in the next generation but still expect the console to be a little pricey when first released if we are lucky there’ll be a pricing war as each company attempts to under cut the other and the only winner in those scenarios is us the consumers as an extension to this point Sony has patented new technology recently which will work hand in hand with that SSD titled system and method for dynamically loading game software for smooth gameplay ok so that makes zero sense.

let’s break it down instead how do you noticed in game areas of the environment pop in as you walk closer sometimes it’s out of nowhere that’s why we call it popping and sometimes it’s a low quality asset to being replaced with something more substantial open-world games usually suffer from this the most only plans to analyze where the player is in relation to the world and begin to preload the next piece of content that player looks like they’re going towards or in an open world game it would preload the area your mission will likely send you to if you don’t go there the data will be simply disregarded or adapted this to me looks like a monumental step forward towards the removal of loading screens in video games completely remember Skyrim when you’re about thirty-forty hours in the load screen could last 11 minutes on the ps3 to ground that information many games hide load screens if you’ve ever seen an elevator in a game that’s a load screen forcing you to wait until everything is ready for your favorite is from The Last of Us which uses high ledges or high walls as loading buffers sneaky and clever but maybe we won’t see as many moments like this when the ps5 rolls out in 2020 another step forward in immersion and overall gaming quality is impossible for me to show you because it’s a new Audio engine the Klas is tech to this at the moment is probably dolby atmos or sony’s 360 reality audio.

I think I can explain this I’m sure you’ve seen the multiple speakers in cinemas or you visited someone who has 7.1 surround sound setup in their home granted most of this comes down to the quality of your headset or audio device but the main plan here is to use the fundamentals found in ray-tracing do you remember those lines that bounced around earlier year that’s the thing they’re going to do the exact same thing with audio flies towards an object which either dampens or echos the sound back it’s really that simple once again making the game feel a little more realistic we’ll have to see how it goes because in 2019 I still haven’t played a game where they can successfully implement vertical audio if you play fortnight and you hear foot steps are you able to tell if they’re above you or below you because I can’t still maybe just maybe Sony 360 reality audio will find the key to the audio restraints in the current generation and wait there’s more going back to visuals supposedly the PS 5 is capable of 8k output yeah I’m a bit of as fanboys but as I am independent I can be honest where other PlayStation channels sadly cannot 8k on PS 5,I question this as I believe this is trying to make the product to appear future-proofed when the likelihood of again using this feature are slim to none in my eyes yes it’s true that the framework will be there but don’t get your hopes up too much I’m not even certain we’ll get solid framerate at 4k half that resolution in the next generation I don’t need much I personally would love 1080p at 120 frames a second for competitive gaming on a bedroom TV or desktop monitor and 60 frames per second at 4k for cinematic gaming in your living room and again let’s add context to all these buzzwords currently an 8k monitor will cost about six times the expected price of a PS 58k maybe here but only for the rich and the reckless at the moment earlier we mentioned digital downloads and the future of Internet connections for streaming and gaming on the Gulf have you seen Google’s attempt to break into this market the Google stadia where everything is online at the moment game streaming isn’t up to the standard to make us all sell our consoles and throw our pcs in the garbage but just in case something unprecedented happens Sony and Microsoft have joined forces Sony has agreed to use Microsoft’s Azure cloudservice for streaming content to gamers this is most likely to combat stadia showing they are both invested in streaming games and more importantly are willing to work across different platforms maybe in about 10 year streaming will be a commonplace thing but in 2020 no I don’t think so not just yet looking into this from the outside Google and Microsoft seem to have a much stronger position in server-side gaming streaming so expect Sony to aggressively cut that gap over the next few years so I’m just too much what’s your opinion of VR gaming I have psvr PlayStation virtual reality and I love it but the power of the current system isn’t ideal and those cables make gaming a nightmare to set up oculus on the other hand and other manufacturer shave implemented Wireless versions but embedded the tech elsewhere which makes this point very interesting PS VR techis already built into the PS 5 Sony have recently asked for feedback about the PSP R which makes virtual reality a continued focus for Sony and the place station of the next generation if you come to this video as a Sony Pony or an Xbox or a PC master-race trying to see what is your best options for the future one point remains the real difference here the next console war is all about first party titles Microsoft have realized this and began to purchase many studios so in about four to seven years that could really come to fruition but currently ps4 has the far stronger first party titles and sales suggests that that’s going to be the same thing to the PS 5 so what are you reckon where do you like to play why do you play where you play and now the big question when will the PS 5 release everything is pointing towards a 2020 release but some people think we’re going to get it this year I’m not too sure about that the ps4 and ps3 release din November the ps2 released out of Japan in October and November and the ps1 is a little less easy to track due to multiple release dates but let’s call it September so this all suggests that November is the perfect month to launch but I’m hoping for something a little sooner in 2017 Nintendo broke the rules of releasing around Christmas and gave us a switch in March what do you think when do you think we’ll see the PS 5 if it’s even called that and finally price is key to getting these in your home I remember many of my friends purchasing the xbox360 because its price point suited them better do you remember the ps3 release it was a little embarrassing as a PlayStation gamer Sony wanted $600 for the ps3 which was ridiculous because the average consumer couldn’t afford that this led to the Xbox winning the early days of that console war although in the end PlayStation won that war to the ps4 released at $400 which was about 350 quid here in the UK and was much more affordable so here’s the thing those SSDs in the PS 5 are mighty expensive and if the control doesn’t change then they aren’t cheap either so what will be the PS 5 price point have a guess below I’ll buy a PS 5 for the first person to get the answer right below only comments in the first week though alright I’m not doing this until the date releases so there we have it what do you think about the future station I’d love to know your thoughts go crazy let’s start a debate below

How To Fix Xbox Error 80072ef3

You will receive the error code 80072ef3, which prevents you from logging in to your Xbox Live account after you have provided your e-mail and password. The problem most commonly occurs due to outdated or corrupted cache files containing old information stored in them. So, if you log in or do something else that the system wants to check the cache for, this error will be displayed.

Clearing the cache contents will usually fix this error. Before you begin, make sure your Xbox can connect to the Internet.

Delete the cache files on the Xbox

Press the guide button on the controller. Go to Settings -> System Settings and Select Memory.

  • Select memory, but do not select it. We do not have to open it.
  • Press the Y button on the device option controller.
  • On the Device Options screen, select Clear System Cache
  • In the prompt for maintenance, select YES

Now we have to download our live profile again.

Press the guide button again.

Select Download profile. If it is not displayed, press the X button and then check.

  • Select Download Profile at the bottom of the screen again.
  • Enter your e-mail address for the Xbox account and enter your password to log in.
  • Enter your e-mail address for the Xbox account.